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Who we are

This is the website of St Patrick’s Parish, Belfast, Northern Ireland. 
Our website address is: 

You can contact us in writing, by telephone and by email using the information below.

In Writing:
Parish Office 
St Patrick’s Belfast
199 Donegall Street
Co Antrim
Northern Ireland.

By Telephone: 
+44 (0)28 9032 4597

By email:  

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

This site does not collect personal or personally identifiable data.  Your computer’s IP address may be collected but this is encrypted and made anonymous so that it is not individually identifiable and is automatically deleted when you finish using the site.  See “cookies” below. 

Users of this site cannot comment on content and are not required to register to use the site.  Consequently we do not collect any identifiable information from you other than that essential for the normal functioning of the site and data that are collected are anonymised and encrypted.  

Contact forms

If you use the contact form on the Contact Us page we will retain that data together with your IP address and browser agent string.  The purpose of this is to protect the functioning of the site and to prevent spam and other malicious attacks against the site. The email generated by the contact form (and subsequent electronic correspondence) will be retained by the  Parish for its records and to ensure your query was dealt with appropriately and in a timely manner.  Data submitted in the contact form is automatically deleted by the system and is not retained on our servers.    


Like every website in the world, we use a small number of cookies to make our site work.  Cookies are not harmful in anyway to your computer or device.  This site uses the fewest possible number of cookies to function.  All of these are essential to the normal functioning of the site.  There are no advertising or marketing related cookies used by us.  The cookies used determine which server is closest to you so that the pages are delivered to you as quickly as possible.  They also remember which pages you visit so they can be reloaded as quickly as possible for you. 

The Reader and Eucharistic Minister Rota pages are password protected.  If you are permitted to view those pages, then when you enter the password a cookie is created to remember that you have access to that page, so that you do not have to retype the password if you revisit the page. 

All of our cookies above are anonymous and transient and will expire either when you close your browser or after a short period of time.  Because they are essential, it is not possible to opt out of these cookies.   

Third Party Cookies:

In addition to those cookies above we also use Google Analytics to monitor how well our site performs.  That service creates some additional cookies that send information to Google for statistical analysis of our site.  The result of these cookies is to give us information about how people find the site, how many people visit the site, what information they are looking for and which pages are the most popular.  This helps us modify and improve the site content and functioning. 

Details of the types of cookies used by Google Analytics can be found here:  Note: We do not use any marketing or advertising cookies within this site.  

Cookie Opt Out:

The cookies we use are essential to the functioning of our website.  As such it is not possible to opt out of them.
If you wish to opt out of our metrics cookies, you can do so within your browser.  Each browser is different so please visit the settings section of your browser for information on how to do this. Alternatively Google provides a tool to enable you to opt out of cookies in the most popular browsers.  Details of this browser extension can be found here: 

External Sites:

Within certain sections of this site we may provide links to external resources or content that you may find useful or helpful. This may also include social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  Obviously we cannot know which, if any, cookies external sites use and you should refer to their individual policies for clarification.    

Embedded content from other websites

Currently the only page on this site with embedded external content is the live video page.  That embedded content behaves in the same way as if the visitor has visited the other website. The live video page collects a range of anonymous data for statistical analysis including, for example, the country you are in and how long you view the video.


As noted above we use a small range of cookies to provide statistical analysis of how well our site is performing and to help us improve the service.  The data we receive from these cookies is anonymous and contains no personally identifiable information.  

Who we share your data with

We do not sell, share or rent any data about the users on this site with any third party, other than the anonymised statistical analytics data described above.   

Further Information:

We hope this has helped to clarify our policy on user privacy and has explained the rationale for the very limited range of cookies that we use.  Should you have any further questions, please contact the Parish Office in the first instance.   

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